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Youtube Live with Chat

Increase your reach to an incredible number of learners by going live on youtube and solve their doubts on the way.

Single Login with IMEI

Manage the learner’s devices and platforms, and restrict their usage with ease.

20 Patented Analysis

State of the art analysis to help the learners in their growth

Anti Cheating

Rest assured about the defaulters for not cheating. The system will automatically detect and lock the tests of the cheaters.

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Online live classes
Recorded lectures
Online Examination
Digital Library
Create your own question bank
Demo profile
Sell your unique content to the masses
Grow students
Other unique features
Online live classes

Zoom integration

With zoom integrated, you don’t need a separate app for students to download. They can take the live lectures right from the application. For students it will be like playing any other video file.

Addon Security features for Zoom :
  • Students can’t rename themselves.
  • Only teachers can mute the students.
  • Zoom ID and password cannot be shared, as it is not visible to the students.
  • Students can’t record the live lecture.

Youtube Live with Chat

Want more than 100 students to join your live lectures for free with chat integrated and that too from the student’s application? With youtube live you can add unlimited students to your lecture and teach them simultaneously and solve their doubts in the integrated chat box.

Recorded lectures

Youtube Embedding

Now upload unlimited number of videos on youtube without ever making them public. Keeping your content private is our number one priority.

Addon security features for videos on Youtube
  • No sharing is allowed, as the video link will not be visible to the students.
  • No suggestions will be visible to the students after the video ends.
  • No advertisement will be visible because the video was never made public.

Vimeo integration (5TB storage)

Want your own private server for your recorded video lectures, upload the videos on vimeo and forget about your videos ever going public.


The assignment can be considered as homework. The students can submit assignments for even better understanding of the lectures, a due date will be given to them along with any supporting documentation related to the assignment like any video, audio file, any link or document, from which they can take a reference or it may consist of any questions or task for the students.


After the students have submitted the teachers will be able to see if how many students have submitted the assignments and at what time and obviously the student can’t submit the assignment after the due date unless the teacher extends the date. And then the teacher can send remarks to every student individually.


Private doubts

Now after the students have seen the lectures or the assignments they need to submit, they will also have doubts regarding that, for that purpose, we have added a doubts section for the students in which they can ask any doubt and attach any document related to it like an audio file, image or any document if required for the teacher’s reference.

Shared doubts

These doubts are shared by the teachers to the whole class or sections, and these doubts come under the shared section of the student application.

Online Examination

Subjective test

Assignments have multi-purpose roles, it can be used for assessment of the student for subjective type questions, in which they are given a number of questions that they need to submit within a given timeframe. The teacher will be able to assess the answers given by students and give them remarks and marks accordingly.

Objective test

Take tests online with three available competitive exam formats like JEE Advance.

Set up your test in less than 10 minutes, A six-step guide will be provided to the teachers which they can follow and create a test with ease. The guide will include adding Batches, Subjects, Syllabus, Questions, and other options like these. After the test is over the teacher has the option to publish the detailed analysis which the students can see instantaneously after the test is over.

Detailed Analysis

The reason for this detailed analysis is to create a healthy competition vibe between all the students, and they get to see how other students have performed in the test as we can record their responses in accordance with time, so we are able to assess the students better in every way. And try to show him improvements he can do to get better results, earlier in the offline test format, the student only gets marks and a report card, but never any remarks on how to improve in exams, how you can understand the concepts and get better results.

    Security features for the objective test

  • Students can’t switch tabs
  • Students can’t minimize the tab
  • Students can’t take a screenshot
  • Students can’t record the screen.
Digital Library

Extra resource material

As we know only lectures are not enough these days for the students to excel in academics they also need reference material on the important topics or every topic for that matter. So they get a better understanding of the concept. It consists of documents, videos, links, or any other relevant information and that too in an organized manner for the ease of access of the students. so they can go through those extra course materials any time besides the regular lecture plan.

Total control over your digital library with features like:

  • Keeping the content public
  • Removing any particular folder
  • Locking the content
Create your own question bank
Generate random tests, with tagging of questions:
  • Standard
  • Subject
  • Exam type
  • Question type
  • Chapters
Demo profile

Upload demo videos and demo tests for the students to evaluate the content quality and later buy courses or test series/packages.

Sell your unique content to the masses

Sell your Courses online with payment gateway integrated into the student application, which can transfer the amount directly to your bank account

Grow students

Admission inquiry management can be done by managing all your leads through our in-house built CRM.

For every student who enquires on your application, you will be able to see all the details filled out by the student and take follow up accordingly.

Other unique features
  • Only one student can use the application through IMEI number authentication.
  • 20 Patented analysis for objective tests

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